Windows Live Mesh Remote Connection no longer works

Well, I noticed my Live Mesh stopped working for remote connections. Did the software say why? Of course not.

I found this blurb from the jack a$$e$ at Microsoft who just silently killed the whole service. Could you they have sent us an email, notification, something?

"Windows Live Mesh was retired on February 13, 2013, and remote desktop and peer-to-peer syncing have stopped working. If you still have files in your Mesh online storage (called “Mesh synced storage” or “SkyDrive synced storage”) make sure you have copies of them on your computer. On August 13, 2013, all files in Mesh online storage will be permanently deleted."


Time to look for an alternative then.

TFS Corrupt Cache: Team Foundation Server just won’t let go of stale data

Does your Team Foundation Server work items get a little stale and not want to refresh? Your queries stop working right?

Your manager wondering why you aren’t taking on the new critical tasks assigned to you?

Well, you may be a victim of the TFS corrupt cache.

Simple fix:

Run the following after shutting down all Visual Studio instances.

del /S /F %userprofile%local settingsapplication datamicrosoftTeam Foundation*.*

Hopefully this gets you out of seeing the same old thing over and over.

Happy Coding!

How to use underline text on a label in WPF…

It was driving me nuts to do such a simple task as setting the font on the label to Underline in WPF. Well, its not that easy. You can’t just set the TextDecoration on the label since the label is a container control. Yes, you can set text to its Content property, but that just implicitly creates a TextBlock.

So, I wrote a quick helper function to let me set underlined text to any label.

Simple usage:

lblServer.Content = CreateUnderlinedTextBlock(  "Your Text Here" );

The actual function

        /// Creates the underlined text block.
        private TextBlock CreateUnderlinedTextBlock(string text)
            // Create an underline text decoration. Default is underline.
            TextDecoration myUnderline = new TextDecoration();

            // Create a linear gradient pen for the text decoration.
            Pen myPen = new Pen();           
            myUnderline.Pen  = new Pen(Brushes.Gray, 1);
            myUnderline.PenThicknessUnit = TextDecorationUnit.FontRecommended;

            // Set the underline decoration to a TextDecorationCollection and add it to the text block.
            TextDecorationCollection myCollection = new TextDecorationCollection();

            TextBlock blockHead = new TextBlock();
            blockHead.TextDecorations = myCollection;
            blockHead.Text = text;
            return blockHead;

I hope this helps!

Happy coding!

Visual Studio 2010 release date announced – .NET framework 4.0

I found a link to the Register that mentions that Visual Studio 2010 will be released on March 22nd of 2010. The beta is currently available for download from Microsoft

I can’t wait for the new Entity Framework with 4.0 ; they fix so many annoyances I have with the current version.

It appears that they will be changing the packages they sell now. I know they are transitioning us folks with Team Developer licenses up to the Ultimate license, which is really cool. They are also giving us full TFS server licenses gratis as well.

Quote from the Register’s site:

Microsoft will chop nine Visual Studio SKUs down to four, with the focus on ALM. Microsoft does not seem to be tampering with the Express editions, which add another five SKUs.

Visual Studio Development Edition, Database Edition, Architect Edition and Test Edition will go. These will give way to Visual Studio 2010 Professional priced $799 and no MSDN subscription option, Professional priced $1,199 for a new MSDN subscription, Premium priced $5,469 for a new MSDN subscription, and the new completely Ultimate Visual Studio SKU that will be priced $11,924 for a new MSDN subscription.