How to add a picture to a worksheet in Word and Excel using VSTO with c# and autosize

Here is a really simple example of adding a picture without really needing to know the dimensions of the image. Excel uses points which is pretty annoying, since pics are in pixels….duh… I put in the sizes for my pics, but you could use any number since we repair it with the scale calls. Anyway, […]

How to speed up Excel and Word 2003,2007 and 2010 launch times when using Automation in C#

One of the biggest impacts on the launch time for Office is the speed at which all of the addins load. Unfortunately, poorly written or unnecessary addins add a startup cost which isn’t something you want to have to pay when loading Office via automation. I wrote a nice helper class that allows you save […]

KillExcel – A simple way to purge those unwanted ghost processes

If you develop Office Addins, or automate office, you probably have the issue of dealing with a lot of ghost Excel processes. You get them when you don’t free properly, or you kill your process but the Excel doesn’t get terminated(which is almost certain when you abnormally terminate). Anyway, this simple executable will iterate all […]