Click event bug with the iPad when using jQuery

I am writing a web application that uses a kendo grid with a detail pane. I hooked up a click event on a table in the detail pane to navigate to another page. It worked beautifully on the desktop. I tested on the iPad, and when you clicked a row, it would immediately fire off the click event and navigate away. WTF.

This drove me nuts. I found a person that also had a click issue posting about their oddity. Slightly different for them, but the fix is the one and the same.

It turns out that on the iPad, you can bind to the touchevent event instead of the click event and the problem goes away. It also takes out the 300ms delay some complain about.

Implementation is rather easy. Instead of using .click(function….) use bind.

Put this at the top of your script section.

  var ua = navigator.userAgent,
            clickEventBindingName = (ua.match(/iPad/i)) ? "touchstart" : "click";//stupid ipad workaround

Now, in your code, you simply using this to capture the events.

                function () {

Problem solved.


Happy Coding.


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