Zyngas free “gift” for Scramble with friends players: Pile of crap

I got an email from Zynga yesterday announcing gifts to the players of their games. I figured, maybe a free ad free, or an allotment of tokens. Something of some value to their user base.

Well, it turns out, at least based on the ad in-game, that the "gift" is a free second power up. That, in and of itself, would be great if it was permanent. According to the ad though, it will only be for today.

So, I think their "gift" is a pile of crap. A lot of advertising for their appreciation for a temporary lifting of a "price" for using the second power up in their game. A lifting for one day?

A gift is something you get to keep. I don’t see this as a gift. It’s just a bad marketing move by a large company that doesn’t value their customers.

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