“Find was stopped in progress” in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 doesn’t search more than a few files and bails with the message Find was stopped in progress. This was driving me nuts, so I went to the web for an answer.

It turns out the way to solve this issue is to simply hit CTRL+BREAK a few times in the find window.

How do you fix the "Find was stopped in progress" issue in VS 2010? CTRL+BREAK

Looks like VS gets into a state that needs you to explicitly break it out of.

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1 thought on ““Find was stopped in progress” in Visual Studio 2010”

  1. This happens if you press ‘Ctrl + Scroll Lock’.
    To fix it, you just have to press Ctrl+ScrollLock again.
    This bug has been in every visual studio release since at least VS6 (the first version I used), possibly earlier.
    Most of the time we use Ctrl+Break to stop a build (presumably from accidentally hitting Ctrl+ScrollLock in the process – but this is just a guess…maybe it’s something in the keyboard hardware).
    But for me it worked.
    Keep programming…

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