Perforator doesn’t allow me to attach to any processes

Are you using the WPF Perforator in the WPF Performance suite and wondering why the process attach dialog has everything greyed out and disabled?

So did I. It drove me nuts, until I found out one key thing. Apparently, Perforator can only attach to processes that were started AFTER the Perforator tool was.

Gee…Wouldn’t that have been a nice thing to show in the dialog as a hint? Apparently, no one writing that tool thought about the UX in that scenario. Showing them greyed out, brilliant.  A tooltip, message, anything that said "This process can not be attached to because it was started before Perforator" would have saved serious time.

Hopefully this little nugget will save you time as well.

So, how do you attach Perforator to a running process? Start Perforator first,start your process next, then attach. Simple, yes. Intuitive, no.

Of course, you are coding in WPF. Did you expect anything to make sense?

Happy Coding!

1 thought on “Perforator doesn’t allow me to attach to any processes”

  1. Thank you so much! Such a simple issue and yet I did not find this in the documentation. Saved me from giving up on it.

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