“Find was stopped in progress” in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 doesn’t search more than a few files and bails with the message Find was stopped in progress. This was driving me nuts, so I went to the web for an answer. It turns out the way to solve this issue is to simply hit CTRL+BREAK a few times in the find window. […]

WPF IValueConverter Culture isn’t what you expect

I came across a defect that our DateTime IValueConverter wasn’t showing the local users regional settings. I set a breakpoint into the converter and looked at the culture variable being passed in. The ShortDateFormat was "M/d/yyyy". Well, my regional was set to "dd-MMMM-yy" What gives? I checked CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture. It had the right format string. I […]

Perforator doesn’t allow me to attach to any processes

Are you using the WPF Perforator in the WPF Performance suite and wondering why the process attach dialog has everything greyed out and disabled? So did I. It drove me nuts, until I found out one key thing. Apparently, Perforator can only attach to processes that were started AFTER the Perforator tool was. Gee…Wouldn’t that […]

Detect Windows/Operating System Version in C# .NET

Are you looking for a way to detect which OS you are running on in your .NET application? I know I had to so that I could implement workarounds that were OS specific. Here is a simple function to get the name. You can use this as an idea of how to pick the exact […]