How To Fix: Windows Update Blocked by Group Policy

Problem: I cannot check for updates, it says “Some settings are managed by your system administrator”


So, you can’t get windows update because some yahoo in IT blocked your access, eh?

First, type gpedit.msc in run,
In the window drill down User configuration>administrative templates>windows components>windows Update. In the right pane double click on remove access to access all windows update features and make it disabled.

If that doesn’t work, change the following key:

Disable and remove links to Windows Update

(User ConfigurationAdministrativeTemplatesStart Menu & Taskbar)


There are a few other keys and settings that could affect it.

Check this link out for all the registry locations for Group Policy.

0 thoughts on “How To Fix: Windows Update Blocked by Group Policy”

  1. Did you ever think that some updates need to be managed by WSUS rather than some yahoo user? Updates can not only effect certain applications, but there just might be a reason behind them taking the time to block you from updating your computer instead of leaving it to the default. Always check with IT before you try to hack your specific policy. I know in my company at least, if your circumvent something like this, you can and will likely be terminated.

    1. It takes time for your IT department to cull through and approve the updates. It may be useful if you want to download some updates your IT department hasn’t blessed yet. You might be a developer that needs certain patches, but trying to get the outsourced IT department folks to grant access to your specific machine is near impossible. There are a variety of reasons this may be useful.
      To the casual non-tech user, you are right. Just leave the company computer the way it is. The main reason people use workarounds is because their IT department is clueless and it is affecting their job negatively.

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