Inaugural Wine and Dine Half Marathon – Finished

My wife and I ran the half marathon at Disney this Saturday night. It was our first endurance event, and let me tell you it was amazing and hard.

The race began at 10:00 pm with 11,500 of our closest friends. That is a lot of people corralled together. It took 13 minutes to get from where we were in Corral D to the start line when the gun/fireworks were fired off.  A bunch of slow waddling, kind of like the delay at a traffic light.

The race took us through the streets from the ESPN World of Sport over to the Animal Kingdom park. We ran through part of the park and back out around the parking lot and back through to the main street again. From there we double backed and then went down and off ramp and ran through the back of MGM.

The MGM part was really cool, went through the and saw the back of Tower of Terror and then through the Stunt Show and then got to run through the Christmas Lights on the street scene. From there, we then ran out of the park and past the lagoon over past the Yacht and Beach club to the Finish Line at the World Gate( back gate) of Epcot.

Overall, the experience was amazing. Each Mile has a big gateway that said the mile # and was sponsored by a country. There were DJ’s and characters all along the run, and even a live band playing a few good songs.

I thought I would be upset for not bringing my headphones, but there was music and entertainment and “cheer squads” almost every step of the way.

I injured myself at about mile 8 or 9, hard to remember. My knee went out pretty bad, but I forced myself to suck up the pain and continue. The last two miles was a slow walk with me hobbling, but pain is temporary. My wife provided extra support by walking with me, and we finished together.

We did run through every mile gate though. The last few hurt pretty bad, but it had to be done.

I am just proud I finished and am looking forward to the next run in January. This time I will train much harder, to not only just finish, but finish with a good time.

I have my  medal and some great new confidence. I now know I can conquer 13.1 miles.  To all you 26.2 mile marathoners, I think you guys are nuts.



The race I ran: Wine and Dine Marathon

The race in January: Marathon Weekend

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