Bind to an ICommand on ViewModel with objects in an ItemsControl in WPF

I spent a few minutes beating my head on binding a command to a button that I had in an ItemsControl. Mainly, was creating a list of “link” buttons and wanted them to pass their binding argument to my command on the main view model. Well, since the DataContext to the content is not the […]

WPF not compiling: program does not contain a static ‘Main’ method

I decided to create a new WPF application. I started the project out intending to use WinForms, but then I hit a limitation(pain) that prompted me to switch to WPF. A list of link buttons, easily accomplished in WPF, but annoying in WinForms. So, I created an App.xaml, deleted my Programs.cs and Main and went […]

Inaugural Wine and Dine Half Marathon – Finished

My wife and I ran the half marathon at Disney this Saturday night. It was our first endurance event, and let me tell you it was amazing and hard. The race began at 10:00 pm with 11,500 of our closest friends. That is a lot of people corralled together. It took 13 minutes to get […]