Multiselect on GridView in WPF ListView loses selection on mouse click

We overrode the ListViews View using a GridView so that we could display the data in the format our users required. The issue that we encountered was that after we introduced MultiSelect, our drag and drop didn’t work as expected. You could select multiple rows, but when you then clicked on the selection area to […]

How to put bound data (Binding) into a Grid View Header or List View Header.

This is another seemingly simple task. It actually is, but you may go down the route of setting the GridViewHeader.Template and wondering why it doesn’t work. Well, it’s as simple as putting a GridViewHeader into the GridViewColumn definition and setting content to it. <GridViewColumn  Width=”Auto”>     <GridViewColumnHeader>         <Grid HorizontalAlignment=”Right” >                 <Grid.RowDefinitions>                     <RowDefinition/> […]

How to left align or right align the header in a ListView or GridView in WPF

So you have this great ListView or GridView in your fancy WPF application, but everything is centered. Maybe you like that, and all is good. Or, like most of us, you want the data aligned to the left or right. I like the left for most data, makes more sense. You looked for the property, […]