Mouse Double Click for WPF in MVVM using a clean Behavior with Command Binding

I wanted to capture the double click event, which is actually the MouseLeftButtonDown with the e.ClickCount ==2. Since I transitioned to a new WPF project, handed off the Silverlight work, I have been trying to keep the same MVVM pattern. I wanted to get the double click off of my TreeViewItem so the child node […]

Config file issue to make you rip hair out

I spent about 2 hours staring at this lovely cryptic error: Extension element ‘silverlightFaults’ cannot be added to this element.¬† Verify that the extension is registered in the extension collection at system.serviceModel/extensions/behaviorExtensions I had it setup correctly, but why would the system not compile it? This was the registration: <add name=”silverlightFaults” type=”Seekford.SilverlightFaultBehavior.SilverlightFaultBehavior,Seekford.SilverlightFaultBehavior, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7073c134a4dabf61″ […]

DateTimePicker Validation Error Block Calendar Button

I had a lot of user complaints about the tooltip for the DateTime Picker for Silverlight showing the error tooltip over the Calendar button. It made it so that it was next to impossible to actually select a date, since you couldn’t click the button. I opened the DateTimePicker template and voila! The tard who […]

Deep Clone objects in Silverlight with simple extension method and Serialization

I had the need to clone objects to do original vs modified delta checks. I decided that I could either do a lot of work to make copies or go the easy route. As always, smarter over harder prevailed. Here is a simple extension class to put into your infrastructure. Enjoy! using System; using System.IO; […]

ToObservableCollection for Linq and other purposes

Easily convert your Lists and enumerable collections and queries into an observable collection. I use this all the time for simplifying my Linq statements for inline calls. using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Collections.ObjectModel; namespace Seekford.Extensions { /// <summary> /// Class for helping the conversion of types to observable collections, easier linq coding. /// </summary> public static¬† class […]

Dynamic service endpoint binding for Silverlight using WCF

As part of my continuing effort in create a high quality line of business application in Silverlight, I am laying out a nice foundation for the repository layer. The services interaction is being shielded from the higher layers. The main hurdle that was annoying me was having to change the endpoint the Silverlight application was […]