Validate ACH Routing Numbers for EFT and Electronic Checks

I was looking for a way to validate the routing numbers for an eCommerce system I am working on and found a nice VB sample here. I converted the logic to C# and optimized it for better performance and use. Hopefully some others out there will find use: /// /// Validates the routing number. /// […]

Intellisense – Crap Option, found the darn fix

So, the Intellisense option that was driving me nuts has a resolution. I was looking at my toolbar and I saw a strange icon glowing. I hovered over it and what did I see? “Toggle between suggestion and standard completion mode”. What a completely useless and crappy feature. It has been driving me absolutely nuts […]

Visual Studio 2010 – Intellisense nonsense

I started getting really annoyed with the Intellisense in VS 2010. It doesn’t automatically highlight the best match for what I am typing. It seems to loosely highlight it, but hitting enter or . doesn’t act upon it. Well, I figured out how to make it work, but requires a small change in workflow. Hit […]