Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘html’ is not supported in Visual Studio 2010

I upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 Beta and so far it has been a pretty good experience. One thing that bit me was building my project to find I had over 4,000 warnings. Geee. I didn’t think I coded that badly.

Well, it turns out each one was a warning about almost every single one of my aspx pages html tags. So, WTF?

This manifests itself not only as the

Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘html’ is not supported

but all your other tags.

Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘div’ is not supported ,etc.

It turns  out the default settings for the validator was, wait for it……NOTHING. Freaking blank.

The resolution was that the validator had no idea what to validate against, so everything was wrong. Simple solution though, just set the validation type in your options box.

Visual Studio 2010 Options Box

Enjoy! and Happy Coding!

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