Use linked configuration files in your App.Config and Web.config to clean up that mess

If you are like me, (and the government hasn’t abducted you yet), then you hate those app.config’s that are 2,000 lines long and just messy as hell. What to do….oh what to do…. Well, one thing that is a great little gem of .NET 2.0 and above is the ability to put each of your […]

WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration throws Failed to map the path ‘/’.

I upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and am running my web project and get this awesome beauty… WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration throws Failed to map the path ‘/’. So, what to do? Well, I finally realized I am running on Windows 7, and was not running my Visual Studio as “admin”. I ran the VS as admin, and […]

Visual Studio 2010. Pin to Source Variable Watch. How freaking cool..

I am just getting used to some of the workflow enhancements in Visual Studio 2010. I was a bit miffed when I had to go to another submenu off of my context menu to do a quick watch on a variable, until….I got annoyed enough to hit the innocuous looking Pin to Source option. It […]

Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘html’ is not supported in Visual Studio 2010

I upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 Beta and so far it has been a pretty good experience. One thing that bit me was building my project to find I had over 4,000 warnings. Geee. I didn’t think I coded that badly. Well, it turns out each one was a warning about almost every single one […]

How to connect to a WCF service that has a mismatched Identity in code…

I had an issue where my client was connecting to a WCF service that was using certificate authentication, but the certificate was for a different dns name. i.e. server was foobar.comp and the certificate was for foo.foobar.comp. This presented an issue. Of course, you can change the Identity tag in the configuration file, but I […]

How to use underline text on a label in WPF…

It was driving me nuts to do such a simple task as setting the font on the label to Underline in WPF. Well, its not that easy. You can’t just set the TextDecoration on the label since the label is a container control. Yes, you can set text to its Content property, but that just […]