ATLRX.H missing, oh where have you gone? At least in Visual Studio 2008

I pulled out some old code to work on a legacy project of mine and lo and behold I get “Error 29 fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘atlrx.h’: No such file or directory”. Not exactly a pretty error and worse, this file was part of the standard ATL includes.

So what the heck happened to my good ole’ friend? Well, the geniuses at Microsoft decided it would be better to sit on CodePlex. So, you can download it from here.

The library is called the ATL Server Library. Just download it, and set your include path in Visual Studio to point to it. Or get creative and copy the files into an existing include path in the program files folder(under the visual studio folder of course.

Happy Coding!

1 thought on “ATLRX.H missing, oh where have you gone? At least in Visual Studio 2008”

  1. Actually the proper location to find this and other “common” headers is the WTL, not the project that you referenced.

    The Windows Template Library is based on ATL and used for the more advanced needs of writing GUI apps slimmer than those using MFC, but easier to maintain than plain old Win32 API.

    I’ve put the WTL home page in as a link to “my website” 😉
    (side-note: yes, it’s from Microsoft, yes it’s open source …)

    It’s likely that whoever created your app had the WTL headers installed on his/her machine but “forgot” to document that prerequisite, let alone putting the headers into the source tree. Either way, that person must have configured the proper path within the old IDE previously used to maintain the project. I prefer including WTL as part of my project. It’s an “external” dependency after all.

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