regsvr32.exe registering your ActiveX (ocx) gives you error 0x80040200..yuck.

I design and work with a lot of c++ code and write a number of ActiveX controls. I set my machine up so I can double click the OCX and it is associated with regsvr32.exe, so it gets registered. Nice and easy, right? I have been doing it for years. Double click, whammo. It’s registered.

Now let’s come to the present. Happy go lucky , easy as pie, double click my way to registered controls, is gone. BAH! I upgraded to Windows 7, I knew this OS had to have a gotcha!

So I get regsvr32.exe blowing up and giving me error 0x80040200. That’s real helpful, doesn’t Microsoft speak any ENGLISH. So I go and look up that ridiculous error code, and lo and behold…wait for it….wait…….User Access Control. UAC said, go away child, you can’t play here.

The long and short of it, I typed cmd.exe into the run box on the start menu, right clicked cmd.exe when it appeared and did a runas for Administrator. I then did the old school command line register of the ocx. Sad.

When I get froggy enough, I will write a batch file that will have the always run as admin attributes on it so at least UAC can prompt me to elevate.

So in short, regsvr32 on Windows 7 with UAC. You must find a way to make regsvr32.exe run elevated as an Administrator for it to work.

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