Crazy day of travel..

I hopped on my ridiculously early flight to Colorado Spring this morning and was happy to get an exit row seat. About 5 minutes before departure from the Tampa airport(TIA) two security guards board the plane. Routine check, right?
Nope. They begin talking with a passenger in the back of the plane and then escort him off.

Freaky, right? So we are all left with the though of wtf? Why was this guy escorted off the plane.

We take off and land at Houston then I board this plane called the Continental Express for Colorado Springs. What a tiny piece of crap. My head hit the ceiling and the seats were so small I had to disengage my arm rest to fit my legs. Anyway, I arrive safe and sound at the Colorado Springs airport.

I checked in at the Broadmoor hotel. This is an amazing hotel by the way. Fast forward to the me having drinks at the bar at midnight. I talk with a few people and find out that General Petraeus is staying here. I thought that was pretty interesting.

But wait…..Whats more interesting?

I met a lady who was sitting by the fire outside who said she was a famous author that was going on Opera and the Jay Leno show. She was smashed out of her mind and said she was marrying the gentleman with her because he had saved her from a racoon. Can’t make this up folks. She had met him that night and decided they must be married.

Suffice it to say, plastered plastered plastered. So, I will be watching Leno to see if she really is as much a crackpot as I think or if I get proven wrong.

Its 3am in my time zone, so good night.

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