Would you like a ticket for having a bike rack in Tampa, FL?

What a lovely city Tampa is for bicyclists. They have great trails and an abundance of bike lanes in the nicer communities. However, if you want to transport your bike on a bike rack, Tampa is not the place for you.

Today my wife got pulled over for what…speeding? nope….illegal lane change?…nope…..having a bike rack blocking a portion of her license plate? ding ding. You got it.

Apparently in a city that is being hit by the economic slump, the police have nothing better to do than pick on law abiding citizens.

The officer said that he could write a ticket for the obstruction of her license plate by her bike rack which is a non-moving violation. What a pile of crap.

So, next time you are out and want to take your bike out to the bike trail on your bike rack, remember the gestapo Tampa Police Department may decide you deserve a ticket.

Oh…What about the Tampa Police Department and their bike cops with their bike racks? Oh…They are above the law as usual, of course.

The police should be out to protect our way of life and keep us safe; not pick on law abiding citizens trying to go about their day.

Write your mayor, sheriff, and congressman to try and get this fixed.

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