The joy of watching your Polycom Soundpoint IP 650 rebooting endlessly…..

So…I was provisioning a new Polycom 650 and came across a lovely mind numbingly painful situation.

Let’s start out from the beginning. I went to the Asterisk box and created the proper [mac].cfg files in the tftp boot folder. I set the appropriate phone[ext].cfg files and the sip.cfg file. I then confirmed with my DCHP server that the option 66 setting was correct to the tftp:// address of the pbx.

So far so good. The phone boots up and then tries and load its application module. It says application loaded and then reboots. Hmm…WTF.

I do what all good IT folks do, bang my head on a couple of walls and visualize throwing the phone through various windows.

So I go back to the TFTP server and lo and behold, there is no SIP.ld or bootrom.ld. Great, someone decided to delete these.

I went to Polycom’s website, fearing they were still overly paranoid folks and not going to make their firmware available(as it was a couple years back), but was pleasantly surprised to find an entire archive. I downloaded the new split package, pretty cool to get the smaller files, and loaded it onto the TFTP site.

Phones rebooted and downloaded the new application and bootrom. All good right? Sure…that is until it rebooted continuously again. Damn. More head banging and vicious thoughts of gutting the phone.

I review the boot logs and find that its looking for a logo-600.bmp. Hmm..>Why would anybody have deleted that? Well, they did. So I make  new logo file and uploaded that to the TFTP server along with the missing SoundpointIPWelcome.wav file and the phone decides its happy again and boots up.

Why in the world does the phone REQUIRE that all misc files are present is beyond me, but that’s how it works.

So if your Polycom is rebooting continuosly AND you see boot logs on your tftp site (if not, you haven’t configured it to point right) then make sure all MISC files are available along with your SIP and BOOTROM files. One missing bitmap can cause your PBX empire to crumble.

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  1. I am lost with my sip 650, its continously loading the previous configuration and I have not been able to reset the factory defaults. Pressing 4,6,8 and * did not work. Do you know what to do??? I am not a techno guy but it seems there is no troubleshoot

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