Verizon….A love hate relationship and why their FIOS customer service sucks….

I have been a Verizon customer for many years now. I was generally happy with the service until now. The tv service provides a great picture and the Internet speeds are rediculously fast.

They just suck when you try and order the service. How can that be you ask? How can a company not bend over backwards to earn you as a customer? Below is part of my email to the buggers.

  I have spent roughly 4+ hours on the phone with your people to place my order for a move of service. I am moving to Tampa and just wanted to keep FIOS.

A week later, bungled order and mistake and issue after issue I am here.

I first called last week to setup my service. I placed the order and went through the entire process only for my order to freeze. So the representative said they would call me back that night once they were able to get the order to unfreeze. Well a few days went by and I called back. Enter this Monday. I talk with a representative that promises me to take care of placing the order.

Mind you, I am trying to BUY your services. Shouldn’t this be painless? Shouldn’t I be treated really well? Isn’t Brighthouse just a call away?

Anyway, I talk with the agent about my order and she says it locked in limbo. She reconfirms my order and promises to take care of the issue and guaruntee my Friday installation.

Well, we speak again Tuesday and she says the order is still locked up. She has to call me back 3 times. The day ends with no service setup.
I call today and get a new representative. She says she can’t transfer me to my old representative but promises to take care of it all.

She pulls up the order and says its locked. We 3 way call into some other office and they tell her its locked and to place another order then hang up on us. Quite rude.

I  then place my order AGAIN with her. This is getting old as you can see. I go through the whole thing again and she sets up the order. They then give me an installation date of NEXT WEEK.

This is just rediculous. I placed the order LAST WEEK.


Yes….A week of effort to place an order.

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