Market is down down down…

Looking over the stock today (Sep 1 2009), I noticed a deeply disturbing trend. The entire market seems to retreating from the strong rally we have all so much enjoyed. The price of the stocks I follow fell by 5 -20% today alone. CitiGroup (C) fell by 9.2% to $4.54 which is a far drop from a few days ago when it was in the mid $5’s. Bank of America (BAC) fell to $16.46, a 6.42% drop in value. Freddie Mac (FRE) and Fannie Mae (FNM) both dropped by 17%, almost in harmony.  A-Power (APWR) fell another 2.68% and the rediculously overpriced AIG fell over 20% down to $36.00 flat.

September is generally a crappy month for investing, but heres to hoping it gets better.

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