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ToObservableCollection for Linq and other purposes

Easily convert your Lists and enumerable collections and queries into an observable collection. I use this all the time for simplifying my Linq statements for inline calls. <code> using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Collections.ObjectModel; namespace Seekford.Extensions { /// <summary> /// Class for helping the conversion of types to observable collections, easier linq coding. /// </summary> public static … Read More »

Using a LINQ compiled query to determine if a record exists with the Entity Framework

I am writing an application that requires high performance on the server layer. The method I am calling will be invoked a large number of times, so I don’t want the overhead of the LINQ compile every time I invoke it. Yes, the compile is very expensive. It is especially so when called a large… Read More »

EntityDataSource and Relationships, why oh why did you not bring along my relationship?

I spent about 3 hours cursing up a storm over some data binding I was doing using the EntityDataSource against my Entity Framework context. I was feeling lazy and using the declarative data sources to bind against my grid for some automatic operations.  So, should be easy right? Slap on the data source, bind to… Read More »