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How to put bound data (Binding) into a Grid View Header or List View Header.

This is another seemingly simple task. It actually is, but you may go down the route of setting the GridViewHeader.Template and wondering why it doesn’t work. Well, it’s as simple as putting a GridViewHeader into the GridViewColumn definition and setting content to it. <GridViewColumn  Width=”Auto”>     <GridViewColumnHeader>         <Grid HorizontalAlignment=”Right” >                 <Grid.RowDefinitions>                     <RowDefinition/>… Read More »

Visual C++, Precompiled Headers and Windows 7

I upgraded to Windows 7 and I really am enjoying the new interface….but….. I went to compile my ActiveX toolset projects that are all written in C++ and I started getting  precompiled header errors. So I rebuilt and rebuilt and still got the error: Error    1    fatal error C1859: ‘.Release/HTTP Wizard.pch’ unexpected precompiled header error,… Read More »