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FedEx Integration Address Service: Unable to generate a temporary class…ParsedElement[]

Are you using the new WCF service reference against the FedEx Address service WSDL? I’ll bet your scratching your head on why you get this craptastic error. InnerException: {“Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1).rnerror CS0030: Cannot convert type ‘YOURNAMESPACE.FedExAddressService.ParsedElement[]’ to ‘YOURNAMESPACE.FedExAddressService.ParsedElement’rnerror CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type ‘YOURNAMESPACE.FedExAddressService.ParsedElement’ to ‘YOURNAMESPACE.FedExAddressService.ParsedElement[]’rn”} Message: “There was an error… Read More »

Enterprise Library Caching Block. Contains or to not Contains, that is the question!

I am working on a project where a few developers decided to use the Caching block in an interesting way. The code I saw was basically: if(cache.Contains[MyKey]) return cache.GetData(MyKey); fill cache code…. Contains….hmmm. Sounds innocent, right? You do it with a Dictionary. This code will work, granted not optimally, but works OK if you always… Read More »