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Value is not valid for OracleType when setting to 0 in .NET…..

So you thought you could do a an easy new OracleParameter(“p_id”, 0) and have it work, right? Well, that would be too easy. If you do that, you get a nice nastygram from the class:. ‘new OracleParameter(“p_id”, 0)’ threw an exception of type ‘System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException’ base {System.ArgumentException}: {“Value is not valid for OracleType: 0.rnParameter name: oracleType”}… Read More »

How to delete those pesky duplicate SQL records…

So every once in a while I find that I have some duplicate records in my database as a result of testing or development or plain oversight. How to remedy the situation? Well, its as easy as this simple SQL. delete sourceTable from YOURTABLENAME sourceTable, YOURTABLENAME compareTable where sourceTable.fieldWithDuplicatesToMatch= compareTable.fieldWithDuplicatesToMatch and sourceTable.PrimaryKey > compareTable.PrimaryKey Basically,… Read More »

.NET Illuminator v1 Alpha Released to the wild

So….I finally decided to release my alpha version to all you hooligans who want to see whats under the hood of fellow .NET’ers applications. You can use .NET Illuminator to see all the UI objects in another .NET application and even manipulate them. Yes, pretend like you are in Visual Studios Form Designer and just… Read More »