Temporary fix for internet for Frontier FIOS after Verizon takeover

Did you lose internet access after Fronter screwed the pooch on the Verizon take over? Personally, I am pissed at both Verizon and Frontier. Verizon was doing a fine job but got money hungry for quick capital and sold us to these clowns.

Businesses all over lost internet, phone, etc because they screwed up big time.

Well, it’s possible you might be able to get your internet working again with a little self-help.

I found that two things got me working again, but these are somewhat temporary fixes depending on how bad Frontier messes things up.

  1. You should change your DNS to googles public DNS. This means changing the way your computer/device looks up website names.

i.e. when you type in google.com it has to look up google.com in the DNS system to get the IP address of the website. Then you go to the IP. Frontiers DNS seems to suck a ┬ábig nut and not work, so you get a “domain not found” etc error. If you are getting that error, this may resolve your problem.

If you are a somewhat tech: The DNS IP’s are simple. and

If you need more help setting it, Here is a link so I don’t have to type it all out:

How to Switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to Speed Up Web Browsing


Now the second thing you will need to do is log in to your router. I hope you remember the credentials. If not, reset the bad boy and use the defaults for your router model. You should be able to look those up.

I use a Verizon ActionTec router.

What you need to do is release and renew the lease on the IP address in your router on the WAN. Sounds complicated right? It isn’t. It’s more complicated getting to the screen.

Here is a link that may help:



Realistically, just type in your Router model on the back of the router and google How to Release IP Address on X.


I wish I could help more, but I am pretty slammed and just wanted to point out there may be a fix. It worked for me. At least my stuff works now, but only the devices I can change the DNS on. I still have to release and renew every few days as well.


So, in summary:

Change your DNS to and

Release and Renew your IP on your Router.

Ideally, also set the DNS on the router on the WAN and LAN to the IP addresses above as well for devices that automatically use the DHCP supplied IP.


-Happy Networking


Oh yeah, Frontier SUCKS and they haven’t changed my mind on that.






WPF Validation Errors not showing on initial load of control or window

I was setting validation errors on the initial load of my view model, and to my annoyance the window would show up like everything was great. The validation code was definitely running, the HasErrors was true, the dictionaries were filled with the errors but the form was like, “What errors?” ┬áThis irritated me. Well, WPF is stupid in this regard and doesn’t handle things properly. If you are like me, you set your datacontext after creating the view. Well, that is the logical way, but if you want validation you need to slightly alter that. I found a work around that fixes the problem, but is a little more annoying. Simply put, pass in your VM to the constructor of the view. Cache that, then set your DataContext(DC) on the load event. Sample code below:

public partial class AcceptRejectViewOldMeetsNew : UserControl
   private object dcToSet = null;
   public AcceptRejectViewOldMeetsNew(object dc)
    dcToSet = dc;
    this.Loaded += AcceptRejectViewOldMeetsNew_Loaded;
  void AcceptRejectViewOldMeetsNew_Loaded(object sender, System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs e)
    DataContext = dcToSet;

Happy Coding!