Send email through Quickbooks fails with invalid password with QuickBooks 2016

If you are trying to send an invoice through email with QuickBooks and you use gmail, it probably doesn’t work. Apparently the fix is to allow unsecured applications. Yeah, doesn’t sound great to me. Go to your Account and set it up Here is a link. Good luck!

Zyngas free “gift” for Scramble with friends players: Pile of crap

I got an email from Zynga yesterday announcing gifts to the players of their games. I figured, maybe a free ad free, or an allotment of tokens. Something of some value to their user base. Well, it turns out, at least based on the ad in-game, that the "gift" is a free second power up. […]

Best Buy cancels every StarCraft II Pre-Order

Best Buy in their infinite stupidity decided to cancel every order for StarCraft II. Why? Well, if you are expecting a good reason, it’s not coming. They found that their was a glitch on their site and some people were able to order the game for $5.99 instead of $59.99. I ordered it as the […]

Sorry for the server crash. Guess GoDaddy’s virtual servers are no match for SlashDot

I put up my fix for the McAfee bug and got slashdotted. Ouch, awesome to have the exposure but my web server crashed. I just had it rebooted, so it’s happy now! I guess my virtual server, which I expected to be decent, was no match for the traffic spike. Well, thanks for listening. I […]

regsvr32.exe registering your ActiveX (ocx) gives you error 0x80040200..yuck.

I design and work with a lot of c++ code and write a number of ActiveX controls. I set my machine up so I can double click the OCX and it is associated with regsvr32.exe, so it gets registered. Nice and easy, right? I have been doing it for years. Double click, whammo. It’s registered. […]

DataBinding: ‘Telerik.Web.UI.GridInsertionObject’ does not contain a property with the name ‘UserName’.

I use the Telerik controls for a lot of my web work. They save a lot of time but every once in a while they really irritate the hell out of me. A few hours down the rabbit hole and I find that when binding to an EntityDataSource on a RadGrid when trying to insert […]

Visual C++, Precompiled Headers and Windows 7

I upgraded to Windows 7 and I really am enjoying the new interface….but….. I went to compile my ActiveX toolset projects that are all written in C++ and I started getting  precompiled header errors. So I rebuilt and rebuilt and still got the error: Error    1    fatal error C1859: ‘.Release/HTTP Wizard.pch’ unexpected precompiled header error, […]