Windows Defender after being Disabled gives “This Program has been turned off” on startup

I kept getting this very annoying message on startup."This program has been turned off". Well, yeah. I turned you off. Why do you need to tell me? Well, like a bad girlfriend who stalks you, you want to find a way to get rid of her. It turns out in my case, the stupid thing […]

How to Convert a PDF to Black and White in Adobe Acrobat Pro

You sometimes want your PDF to be in GreyScale or black and white as it were. It can make it look more uniform, or if you had a flaky scanned document and the color looks off.   Anyway, it is quite easy to convert a document to Black and White in Acrobat Pro 9. 1) […]

How To Fix: Windows Update Blocked by Group Policy

Problem: I cannot check for updates, it says “Some settings are managed by your system administrator” Solution: So, you can’t get windows update because some yahoo in IT blocked your access, eh? First, type gpedit.msc in run, In the window drill down User configuration>administrative templates>windows components>windows Update. In the right pane double click on remove […]

How to restore your missing or disabled control panels? Screw GPO.

Your company have a tight GPO preventing you from running your beloved control panels? Well, here is a simple app to give them back to you. This simply iterates the disable keys and removes them. NOTE: Completely free. Click to download Restore Control Panels Enjoy!

How to fix the McAfee SVCHOST crash from the virus definition update

I was able to fix the virus definition debacle McAfee that is hosing a bunch of people. It turns out, that they put in a bad signature that quarantines your SVCHOST.exe which could cause your explorer to crash. Good times, right? So, the fix is pretty easy: 1 Restart into safe mode with networking 2 […]

How to read the Distributed Transaction Coordinator settings from C#…

I wrote a nice helper utility class for reading the settings from the MSDTC in .NET.  My WCF service requires distributed transactions, so I want to make sure my server was able detect if it was on. If its not, I throw an error and shutdown. So, here is the class for your pleasure. using […]

How to make your own SSL test certificate for IIS or WCF

I had to create a test ssl certificate to use with my WCF service. Here is the simple way to do it in 2 Easy Steps! 1) Open the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt 2) Fire off this command. change bseekford00111 to your computer name or whatever name you want the certificate to be. makecert […]

Really cool and free screen shot clipping tool. How handy!

I imagine everyone writing on the web or developing software needs to do a screen shot every once in a while. I also don’t want to pay $30 for something I only use every once in a while. So I ran across this cool project from CodePlex. It is called Cropper. You can give […]