Where is the Hosts file location in Windows 8?

The Hosts files is a file that allows you to override the DNS lookups for specific domains. Say you want to test your application that has brianseekford.com hardcoded but you actually want to run it against your local computer IP You edit the hosts file and simply add the entry:      brianseekford.com ALL […]

PrazeMe employee annual review system is in beta

We just released our new employee assessment and review system online. It is currently in beta and free for anyone to use. Please just give us feedback so we can make improvements before we go live with the non-free version. Performance Reviews on PrazeMe Thanks, Brian Seekford

How to scroll a container or element into view using jQuery javascript in your html.

I had a simple need. This functionality expands on the way I was bringing a Kendo Grid detail template into view on selection. I wanted a better look feel so I dug a little deeper. I adapted this function to work on any container or element. I am using this in a custom table that […]

How to scroll the detail row of a Kendo Grid into view on select

I decided I liked the idea of only having one detail pane at a time in my web grid. It gets too cluttered having a number of them open. I got feedback from my users that when selecting a row towards the end of the screen, they had to then scroll to see all the […]

Kendo UI Chart Legend Overlaps with the Plot area and the pie numbers

I kept running into an issue where the chart kept drawing over itself. Basically, the chart would draw the lines and numbers that extend from the pie area and overlap the legend at the bottom. It did it when I had it on the right as well. This is stupid, and stupid I had to […]

How to escape the hash(#) sign in a Kendo Grid column template?

If you are writing a Kendo Grid Column template and you run into the malformed template issue when trying to add a hyperlink that executes a javascript function (i.e. <a href=’#’ onclick=’function(me)’> blah </a> ), then here is the easy fix. As with all the Telerik lack of documentation, or ease of finding, this one […]

Fix: Kendo Grid Template gives error “Unable to get value of the property ‘replace’: object is null or undefined”

I got the lovely unhelpful error “Unable to get value of the property ‘replace’: object is null or undefined” from the Kendo Grid when I added a template to a column. This was a completely useless error that led me to staring at the javascript stack and walking through the minified code. Which, by the […]

How to animate a slide from the right with the Jquery show command

I didn’t see this in the documentation, but I’m sure its there somewhere. Here is an easy way to slide in a container/div/etc from the right. $(“#myActionsAuditUnitContainer”).show({ effect: “slide”,direction:”right”, duration: 900 }); Use the direction option. Nice and easy. Happy Coding!

How to add complex headers to a Kendo grid using simple jQuery javascript

I was trolling through the horrible documentation provided by Telerik for the kendo grid. I needed to create a complex header. Basically, a two row header so that I could group columns in a visually meaningful way. simple example: I spent far too much time reading how it couldn’t be done. A light bulb finally […]