PrazeMe for Performance Appraisals is finally released to the public

Need to do a Employee review or performance appraisal, well there is a nice and easy online system you can use to do it. No more trying to figure out what to say, just answer a series of questions and the system writes your performance appraisal for you. Print it and sign your name and […]

PrazeMe employee annual review system is in beta

We just released our new employee assessment and review system online. It is currently in beta and free for anyone to use. Please just give us feedback so we can make improvements before we go live with the non-free version. Performance Reviews on PrazeMe Thanks, Brian Seekford

How to Host/embed Microsoft Word or Excel in a web browser or your own application?

I am currently looking to see if there is any demand for the feature to host Office applications, like Word or Excel in a browser or an application. I am considering writing an ActiveX control that would allow for this ability, but have not decided if it is worth the effort. If you think you […]

The Pirate Bay is down….Again???

It looks like The Pirate Bay,, is down again. It seems their servers are being dodgy or possibly under attack. Also possible ISP’s have decided to screw with people. Who knows.. Anyway, figured I would chronicle it as I thought it interesting. NOTE: I don’t endorse doing anything illegal. There are plenty of legal […]

The cost of a code freeze and maybe a better way of doing it.

The cost of a code freeze So you’re thinking about doing a code freeze in your company, or maybe you already are. This article discusses the pros and cons and potential solutions to the common pitfalls. A “code freeze” is general the period of time in which developers of a team based software development project […]

Windows 7 is officially bad ass…………

I got a virus on my Windows Vista machine that caused it to run slower than all holy hell. I decided, well, now must be the time to upgrade my OS. No one ever wants to go through the new OS nightmare of having to reinstall every program they use. Especially not a guy in […]

Crazy day of travel..

I hopped on my ridiculously early flight to Colorado Spring this morning and was happy to get an exit row seat. About 5 minutes before departure from the Tampa airport(TIA) two security guards board the plane. Routine check, right? Nope. They begin talking with a passenger in the back of the plane and then escort […]

Thought on complexity….

After reviewing the new database design for a project I am working on, I invariably declared that no one can do anything straight forward and simple anymore. In a world of exceedingly complex thoughts and designs, developers inevitably strive to push the bounds in ways never thought possible. In essence, simplicity does not serve the […]

Verizon….A love hate relationship and why their FIOS customer service sucks….

I have been a Verizon customer for many years now. I was generally happy with┬áthe service until now. The tv service provides a great picture and the Internet speeds are rediculously fast. They just suck when you try and order the service. How can that be you ask? How can a company not bend over […]