How to validate server SSL/TLS certificate against Certificate Revocation List in RabbitMQ .NET Client

I had a need to validate the server certificate that was used by RabbitMQ to ensure it wasn’t revoked. This adds an additional layer of security when communicating with the server and helps ensure you don’t have a man in the middle attack with an unsavory ill-gotten certificate. Is it really needed, well, that is […]

Validate Certificate Revocation List(CRL) with HttpClient in c# .NET

So, you need to make sure the sites you talk to haven’t had their certificates revoked. Well, by default .NET doesn’t do this. Mainly because I think it is rare and it can be slow. Yes yes, caching, blah blah, but the first time and every cache refresh its slower. Anyway, here is code to […]

PrazeMe Q1 2018 Update

Be a better manager, build better employees! PrazeMe is a performance management system for people managers, simplifying the coaching and feedback process so you can concentrate on your core work. New Features at-a-glance for the Q1 Release Supervisors Assessment Distribution Support for offline or external user scenarios Assessment Naming Reports Enhanced User Experience(UX) Supervisors (Project […]

New major release of PrazeMe dropped today

PrazeMe, the popular small to medium business employee appraisal and performance management system release a slew of new features in last nights deployment. You can now custom tailor all your appraisal’s questions, this makes it so you can ensure the topics, questions, and answers are all perfect for your unique business. Feedback got an upgrade, […]

SQL: How to get depth from a recursive cte

If you need to know what level deep you are when recursing through a series of parent child relationships, there is a pretty easy way. DECLARE @Folders TABLE ( ID INT NOT NULL, FolderTypeLID INT NOT NULL, Depth INT NOT NULL,SortOrder INT NOT NULL ); WITH cteFolder( FolderID,Depth ) AS ( SELECT @topFolderID,Depth = 0 […]

SQL: How to include an incrementing column in your query without a cursor or loop

I had the need to do a recursive call that included depth and sort orders. I wanted to reformat the sort orders in a single query without using a cursor or loop. Turns out there is an easy way with SQL 2005 or higher. @Folders is a table var from my CTE with Depth and […]

How to add a custom user agent in the header using a webview and Xamarin Forms

I am writing an app using Xamarin Forms and wanted to control the user agent for my webview. It’s a little hacky way to have the website render differently when it see that it’s my app coming in without having to use session cookies or other crap like that. It was pretty easy once I […]

Xamarin PCL – How to URL Encode since there is no HttpUtility

Looking for the HTTPUtility class? Ha, you don’t get it. PCL doesn’t have it. Fret not, though, you can still URL Encode. It’s easy, just in a different spot. How to URLEncode in Xamarin Forms PCL var encodedData = System.Net.WebUtility.UrlEncode(stuffToEncode); Now you know, and now hopefully I will remember! Happy coding!

Where is the Hosts file location in Windows 8?

The Hosts files is a file that allows you to override the DNS lookups for specific domains. Say you want to test your application that has hardcoded but you actually want to run it against your local computer IP You edit the hosts file and simply add the entry: ALL […]

Temporary fix for internet for Frontier FIOS after Verizon takeover

Did you lose internet access after Fronter screwed the pooch on the Verizon take over? Personally, I am pissed at both Verizon and Frontier. Verizon was doing a fine job but got money hungry for quick capital and sold us to these clowns. Businesses all over lost internet, phone, etc because they screwed up big […]