Are you tired of changing your password at your company?

Some company’s require you to change your password all the time. This is probably a good idea from a security perspective, but can also be really annoying. I wrote a proof of concept application that you can use that will change your password for you and revert it back to your original. Basically, a way to keep your existing password but make the domain computer think you just changed it.

NOTE: If this violates your company policy, don’t do this. I accept no liability for your actions. This program is simply showing you that it can be done, and quite easily.

Just run it, type in your current password and it will reset the timer on your password.


How does it work? It will keep changing your password by appending a new letter of the alphabet to your original password over and over. a,b,c. etc. This is to purge the history of your original password. The program then sets it back to your original. It takes about 10 seconds to run.

Note, it uses windows APIs and your credentials aren’t sent anywhere. Disassemble the app if you want to verify it.

 Download Keep My Password Here

Happy coding!

How do I bring to front a WPF Window?

If you are a WinForms, Visual Basic, or basically a programmer from a past generation, then you are wondering where the heck the BringToFront method is. Yes, we could invoke API’s on the window handle (that was the norm when I started programming Windows, DOS was so much easier). Anyway, WPF likes to do things with highly unobvious naming.

So, if you want your WPF window to come to the front, apparently you now Activate it. Yup. I preferred the BringToFront way more.

Anyway, Activate works fine.

var window = new YourWindowClass();



//Sometime later it is behind your main app for whatever reason, user put it there, but you now you want it in front.



My use is I have a singleton window that gets shown and hidden, but if it is shown and not in front, I want it brought to front so the user doesn’t get confused.

Simple function, been since Windows could overlay, but in WPF you get a new methodology for invoking it.


Happy coding!