WordPress Plugin Updates Fails in IIS 7. Locks folder after delete and requires an IIS restart to release file locks

I was trying to update the plugins on my WordPress blog today, and it failed….again and again…and again. I was used to the auto update not working. So much so, I always backup my plugins folder, try and then replace the old version and carry on.
Well today, I was fed up and wanted to get everything up to date.

I changed filed permissions, I restarted IIS beforehand, I even tried using Jedi mind powers. It was all fruitless.

I finally was able to follow a nugget of information that led me to a bright person somewhere who said it was due to PHP caching. Well, since I don’t know very much about PHP (open source legacy wannabe script language), I figured, of course it was. I like to blame PHP, or anything that isn’t my own code for that matter.

The WinCache in PHP decides it likes the plugin folders a whole lot. So much so, it will never let them go. Until now, the fine fellows that designed the cache fixed their glitch.


Good luck and Happy Coding!

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