How to fix SqlError: FILESTREAM feature is disabled.

I was trying to restore a database and got the error “System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: FILESTREAM feature is disabled. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo) from the Restore Wizard.

This baffled me a bit as I know I went into the DB Server setting in Sql Manager and specifically set that value to Allow it. Well, after smacking the computer around a bit, she finally confessed that there is another place you have to enable that setting. Go figure.

You need to go to the Sql Configuration Manager (Not SQL Server Management Studio) and also enable the settings.


Here is the original error:


Here is me checking the settings on the DB:

Look, I think it’s set:



But really, no. Check the Running Values to see it laugh at you.



So, resolution? Go to Sql Configuration Manager. Open the properties window of your Server.


Check the boxes. Hit OK. Now right click your server instance and hit Restart. Watch the progress bar and ponder great thoughts.

Now, go to SQL Management Studio.

Connect to your server and run this simple command.

EXEC sp_configure filestream_access_level, 2



Now restart your Sql instance once more. You are done. Repeat whatever miserable operation you were doing before you got this error and repeat to yourself. “When I design software, I will never make someone set an option in two programs ever….ever….never ever…”


Happy Coding!

19 thoughts on “How to fix SqlError: FILESTREAM feature is disabled.”

  1. I’m sure this works but I’m using 2008 R2 and for the life of me I can’t find the “Sql Configuration Manager” tool that you refer to. I expect more googling will solve this but some clarity in your article about where to find this tool would have helped me.

  2. haha… I was the opposite, I knew about ‘Configuration Manager’ but I used your screenshots – as they related to SQL properties – and had to “enable” the option there… Great post, even better visuals!! Great job!!

  3. dude many thank to you cause i searched a lot about this problem and all of them refer me to some stupid updates that microsoft provided for it and non! worked.
    and always i will repeat this to myself: “When I design software, I will never make someone set an option in two programs ever….ever….never ever…” ^_^

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