How to fix SqlError: FILESTREAM feature is disabled.

I was trying to restore a database and got the error “System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: FILESTREAM feature is disabled. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo) from the Restore Wizard. This baffled me a bit as I know I went into the DB Server setting in Sql Manager and specifically set that value to Allow it. Well, after smacking the computer around a bit, […]

Right click doesn’t work in Excel 2007 anymore.

My right click context menu stopped working in Excel 2007 all of a sudden. It was driving me nuts. The Excel context menu wouldn’t display. I came across the solution, which seems to be an absurd on, but it worked. Open excel hit alt-f11 to get to the VBE hit ctrl-g to see the immediate […]

SQL Script to extract address information into individual fields

I had a need to write a script or a program that would extract an address that is stored in one field and break it out into its parts. Address, Address2, City, State and Postal Code(zip code). It’s a real bugger to do in a single SQL statement, I had one but it was really […]

How To Fix: Windows Update Blocked by Group Policy

Problem: I cannot check for updates, it says “Some settings are managed by your system administrator” Solution: So, you can’t get windows update because some yahoo in IT blocked your access, eh? First, type gpedit.msc in run, In the window drill down User configuration>administrative templates>windows components>windows Update. In the right pane double click on remove […]