regsvr32.exe registering your ActiveX (ocx) gives you error 0x80040200..yuck.

I design and work with a lot of c++ code and write a number of ActiveX controls. I set my machine up so I can double click the OCX and it is associated with regsvr32.exe, so it gets registered. Nice and easy, right? I have been doing it for years. Double click, whammo. It’s registered. […]

The dreaded VBA Ignore error in Excel Automation from .NET, and how to deal with it easily….0x800AC472

I have been dealing with automating Excel for quite some time, and it is not always very friendly. It gets much much worse when automating from .NET due to the COM interactions.  The project I was working on kept getting “random” errors which after debugging where VBA Ignore errors from COM. They simply meant that […]

How to write your own Windows Communication Foundation proxy

Note: This article assumes you already know how to write the WCF service. I am just giving you an example of how to talk to it without using the goofy auto-generated class. I see a lot of developers who write WCF services like to use the auto-generated proxy classes for communicating with there service. The […]