C# Diagnostic TimeClock class for debugging…

I like to clock certain operations, or group of operations to determine if a certain area of a function is taking a long time. It can be helpful to watch the progress of a function as well, with some useful eyeball metrics. You can use the class below. Just create a blank class file and […]

Entity Framework: The version of SQL Server in use does not support datatype ‘datetime2’

I development against a 2008 copy of SQL Server, which normally isn’t a problem, until….. I pushed out my latest code to the production system, which runs SQL 2005, and started smoke testing the system. As soon as I tried to write a record, i got the data type exception. Its painfully in the innerexception. […]

DataBinding: ‘Telerik.Web.UI.GridInsertionObject’ does not contain a property with the name ‘UserName’.

I use the Telerik controls for a lot of my web work. They save a lot of time but every once in a while they really irritate the hell out of me. A few hours down the rabbit hole and I find that when binding to an EntityDataSource on a RadGrid when trying to insert […]

Visual Studio 2010 release date announced – .NET framework 4.0

I found a link to the Register that mentions that Visual Studio 2010 will be released on March 22nd of 2010. The beta is currently available for download from Microsoft I can’t wait for the new Entity Framework with 4.0 ; they fix so many annoyances I have with the current version. It appears that […]

Entity framework gives you an error when you add foreign key relationships after you already modeled..

The Entity Framework has a lot of nice features in it for mapping relationships. The bugger is its incessant need for the actual foreign key relationships on the database. Unless of course you like editing XML and never want to use the model wizard again. So you model your database without the foreign keys, deciding […]

Visual C++, Precompiled Headers and Windows 7

I upgraded to Windows 7 and I really am enjoying the new interface….but….. I went to compile my ActiveX toolset projects that are all written in C++ and I started getting  precompiled header errors. So I rebuilt and rebuilt and still got the error: Error    1    fatal error C1859: ‘.Release/HTTP Wizard.pch’ unexpected precompiled header error, […]